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Burnwell Blend Bag

Introduced by M&G Solid Fuels LLP in 2004, Burnwell Blend™ is a landmark product developed to meet the needs of creating a super premium quality briquette at a great price. Based on research and customer feedback, over the years we have managed to hone and tweak the design and materials to what we consider is pretty much the ultimate briquette. Its shape is designed not only to be aesthetically pleasing but also to give great strength for minimising broken or chipped pieces, the elongated rounded shape makes it easy to light allowing it to sit with enough space inbetween each briquette for the right amount of air to circulate around to feed the flame. It's low ash content means that the briquette burns all the way through leaving little ash to clean and dispose of at the end giving you more time to enjoy the heat and less work. Local rumour has it that the name Burnwell Blend derives from the street name Burn Road just round the corner from our head office in Hartlepool, England.

Customers all over the UK love Burnwell Blend™, M&G Solid Fuels have a wide distribution network around the UK, selling and supporting national coal factors and local coal merchants. If you would like to buy Burnwell Blend, the chances are, your local coal merchant already stocks or has access to Burnwell Blend, if not, request your loacl coal merchant to stock Burnwell Blend. If you are stuck send us an email using the form below, let us know your area and telephone number and we will try to find you a coal merchant near you that stocks Burnwell Blend.

Burnwell Blend™ is only manufactured by M&G Solid Fuels LLP at our new state of the art briquetting plant in Redcar, North East England.

Anything else just isn't Burnwell.

Burnwell Blend Briquettes Review

Ideal for both open and closed appliances

Burns with high heat output and low ash content

Burnwell Blend

Burnwell Blend Review