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Introduced by M&G Solid Fuels LLP in 2021, Burnwell Blend PLUS+ represents the next generation of briquette. Burnwell Blend PLUS+ takes the same burning characteristis & efficient design of the original, much loved & best selling Burnwell Blend and adds in more environmentally friendly credentials (the "PLUS" in "Burnwell Blend PLUS+") to take this briquette to the MAX.

           Maximum Heat

           Low Ash

Burnwell Blend PLUS+ is a more environmentally friendly briquette. Burnwell Blend PLUS+ has been designed and engineered to burn smokeless with extremely low smoke and super low sulphur output, meaning that Burnwell Blend PLUS+ is a more friendly briquette for the environmnt.

     ✅  Ready To Burn Approved

     ✅  HETAS Approved

     ✅  DEFRA Approved Smokeless

             * less than 2% sulphur

             * less than 5 grams per hour average smoke emission

Burnwell Blend PLUS+ is the Next Generation of Briquette.

Burnwell Blend Plus Briquettes
Burnwell Blend Plus Review

It's Like Burnwell Blend, With Added Awesome!!!


Burnwell Blend PLUS+

Burnwell Blend Plus

Intense Heat, Low Ash, Clean Burning, Authorised Smokeless Briquette