M&G Solid Fuels LLP

Industrial & Domestic Solid Fuel Suppliers

Sandgate Industrial Estate

Mainsforth Terrace


TS25 1TZ

Tel: 01429 868748

email: enquiries@mgfuels.co.uk

Things We Do:

We make super permium quality briquettes at sensible prices from our all new state of the art briquetting plant in Wilton International, Redcar.

We create stockpiles of Burnwell Blend™ and Newburn™ to give you uninterrupted supply through all seasons. Especially the winter when you need it most.

We constantly monitor our production to ensure the strength, durability and burning characteristics of our briquettes.

Most of all we want to give you a fair deal all the time so you know where you are and your customers know what they are getting.

Things We Dont Do:

We don't operate erratic pricing structures.

We don't try to bully, blackmail or coerse our customers with strange pricing rules available to some and not to others.

We don't try to poach or steal your customers - infact, if people come to us and are in your area, the chances are we will recommend you to them.

What Can You Do?

We would love to get you onboard for you to start selling our products, and want you to succeed.

M&G have great relationships with many major coal factors around the U.K and are keen supporting them to support you.

Are You A Local Coal Merchant? Looking For Supplies?

Request Your Factor / Supplier For Burnwell Blend, Burnwell Blend PLUS+, and Newburn

We think you and your customers will love our briquettes. We also think you will love the way we operate.

M&G Solid Fuels LLP have always believed in supporting local coal merchants and factors.

We belive strongly that your success also contributes to our success.

(clean loading your briquettes)

Burnwell Blend & Newburn are ideal for both open and closed appliances and burn with maximum heat output and low ash content

Ask your factor / supplier for Burnwell Blend and Newburn