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Newburn Solid Fuel

Ideal for both open and closed appliances

Burns with high heat output and low ash content

Introduced by M&G Solid Fuels in 2012, Newburn™ is our fully authorised, "Ready To Burn", HETAS approved solid fuel briquette. We believe it is the best on the market. It is comprised of the best cokes from the Americas along with top quality Anthracite from here in the UK, and a little bit of our blending magic. The Newburn briquette shape and design follows the same principles as the Burnwell Blend, being not only a pleasing shape but also serving functionally for strength, ability to light and airflow to keep the fire burning. According to legend the name Newburn comes from the view we have of the Newburn Bridge just outside our offices around the corner from Burn Road in Hartlepool, England.

Customers all over the UK love Newburn, M&G Solid Fuels have a wide distribution network around the UK, selling and supporting national coal factors and local coal merchants. If you would like to buy Newburn briquettes, the chances are, your local coal merchant already stocks or has access to Newburn, if not, request your loacl coal merchant to stock Newburn. If you are stuck send us an email using the form below, let us know your area and telephone number and we will try to find you a coal merchant near you that stocks Newburn.

Newburn™ is only manufactured by M&G Solid Fuels LLP at our new state of the art briquetting plant in Redcar, North East England.

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Why Should I Choose Newburn™

Newburn™ is smokeless, low ash, low sulphur and long lasting. It is one of the hottest fuels we produce. It will keep you warm during the long cold winter days and nights. Whats more, it works great with both Open Fires and Closed Appliances like Multifuel Stoves from companies such as Parkray, AGA, Rayburn and many many more.

Smokeless Fuel
Ready To Burn Approved
HETAS Approved

Newburn Briquettes

Long Lasting, High Heat, Low Ash, Clean Burning, Authorised Smokeless Briquette