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Trying to Keep Warm This Winter?

Whats The Best Briquette?

People all over the country love both our

Burnwell Blend™ and Newburn™ briquettes.

Below are some testimonials from our customers

Burnwell Blend™

"We wish we had discovered Burnwell Blend earlier".

Paul H

- Hartlepool Yard Customer

"Good quality briquette at a great price. What more do you need".


- Hartlepool Yard Customer

"We have been buying Burnwell Blend every year for the past 4 years. Its the best way to keep warm in winter".


- Hartlepool Yard Customer


"Superb briquette, chucks the heat out, burns right throught to the core - no waste".


- Hartlepool Yard Customer

"Recently purchased Burnwell Blend briquettes from M&G Solid Fuels LLP. The briquettes are long lasting and give out a consistent heat. We had the fire on last night and it was still glowing this morning. Great customer service and highly recommended".

Mr Harper


- Hartlepool Yard Customer


"We have tried most other smokeless fuels on the market. Newburn is the best we have tried. It burns for a long period of time with an attractive price tag".

Ms Gent

- Devon